Network Services / Management Services / Asset management


Network Services / Management Services / Asset management
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Network Services

Netgate performs complex ICT infrastructures operative rental services, while also providing the support services, continuity and technical support

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Management Services

Netgate has experienced personnel, available to the outsourcing of its skill in the sphere of management, start-up and export management services, administration and resource management. It also carries out service delivery and coordination, both technical and management, of research and development activities, mainly in the ICT sector

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Asset management

Netgate deals for linked structures investment management and investments both material and immaterial, among which is a primary asset of over 72ha farm located in the area of the hills of Parma – Berceto

About us

Netgate is a services company that was created from a small ISP present at Ravenna in the '90s

The company has evolved and is currently active in several areas of activity: Solution design and delivery of ICT services, mainly to the linked structures, of which it owns the data center and network equipment, managing at the same time the functionality; Provision of management services to both ICT and other sectors, with an internal staff pool with undisputed expertise in both technical and administrative fields; Conducting and coordinating of research and development activities in various fields; Investment management and investment both material and immaterial, including as primary asset a more than 72ha farm located in the hills of Parma - Berceto area

Member of the consortium Tomware s.c.a.r.l.


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